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Meet Jamie Gilleland, an expert sales and content marketer with a lot to say…

Jamie understands the business owner’s challenges and struggles trying to generate business – she is one!   Over and over again, Jamie has seen how small business owners and entrepreneurs miss opportunities in sales, business, and life – and she brings this all to the stage.

With her amazing personal story, sales and marketing savvy, and understanding of what works online, Jamie identifies ways to make use of overlooked, untapped, under-appreciated expert knowledge and content into money-makers for speakers, coaches and other expert business owners.

View Jamie’s prominent talks below.

Automating Your Customer Journey
It’s the biggest reason that businesses fail – they can’t get away from the founder. Sure, everybody wants to hire “good people” but then you have to train them – and develop a way to train them! Jamie breaks down another option to get out of your own way and add up to 60% to your top-line sales through automation and simple systems that can help you create internal processes that keep you and your team incredibly efficient.
Converting Expertise Into Dollars
Too many times, experts in their field have to rely on the old “time-for-money” exchange. It could be a successful business in speaking, coaching, consulting or some other in-person business, but what is important is that it depends on you and your brilliance to make the money. Jamie presents a step-by-step process you can follow for taking that expert knowledge and producing a membership program or online course. The presentation includes proven approaches for transforming what you, “the expert” know into a scaleable, online learning solutions – and actually less work!
I Had Brain Surgery, What’s Your Problem?
In this inspiring keynote, Jamie shares her story of love, loss, and less than a 20% chance to live and how her own stubbornness and optimism helped to carry her through. More importantly, Jamie’s message is one that any audience member can feel and take to heart – especially if they feel overwhelmed by all the “stuff” they have to do each day as a business owner while still trying to be a spouse and a parent.
Hiring Jamie to Speak…

Great organizations know that continued expansion determines the future of their company and that the only way to continue to prosper at the sales level is to continue to automate your organization. Jamie has the ability to communicate with the C-Level and still connect with sales teams and managers to move an organization to higher levels. She’s relevant, informative, entertaining, and will electrify any event or meeting.

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