The Ultimate Black Friday Playbook for Service-Based Businesses (and Really, Any Business!)

Ah, Black Friday—the day when savvy shoppers and frenzied folks unite, all in the name of scoring a deal. But here’s the rub: If you think Black Friday is just for retail shops and e-commerce giants, think again! Even if your business is service-based, there’s a massive slice of the revenue pie just waiting for you. Don’t believe me? Buckle up, buttercup, because we’re about to delve into strategies that will make this Black Friday a record-breaker for you. ????

The Art of the Tease ????

Haven’t you heard? Anticipation is the best appetizer. So start dropping subtle—and not so subtle—hints about your Black Friday deals across all platforms. Use Instagram Stories for quick peeks, email newsletters for more in-depth sneak previews, and blog posts for the juicy details. Remember, the key is to build anticipation that has folks mashing the refresh button at midnight.

Bundle Up, It’s Getting Cold (and Competitive) Out There ????

Retailers have their BOGO deals, but service-based businesses can bundle, too! Offer a package that combines several of your services at a price that makes even the tightest wallet say, “Well, why not?” If you’re a life coach, how about bundling a few sessions with an exclusive e-book? Or if you run a marketing agency, perhaps pair a site audit with a social media strategy session? Heck, you could even collaborate with another business to create a package so tempting, it’s practically irresistible.

Lead Magnets: They’re Not Just for Metals ????

High-quality lead magnets are your secret weapon. Create resources—like how-to guides, e-books, or checklists—that are not only relevant to your service but also incredibly helpful. For instance, if you’re a financial planner, a downloadable budget planner would be pure gold. Get these magnets out in the wild ahead of Black Friday, capture those email addresses, and then (here comes the fun part) use this ripe list to promote your Black Friday deals.

It’s Not Stalking, It’s Personalization ????

One-size-fits-all is great for oversized hoodies, but not for your marketing. Dig into your data to segment your audience. Did someone just purchase a basic package from you? Boom, hit them with an upsell email promoting your premium services at a Black Friday rate. The more personal you get, the better your chances of striking a chord and, you know, making a sale.

The Drama of the Clock

Introduce flash sales or limited-time offers to add a little—dare we say it—drama to the day. This creates a sense of urgency and scarcity, making people more likely to jump on a deal because, well, the clock is ticking, Cinderella!

ROI Isn’t a Hawaiian Island ????

Let’s talk numbers. Before you go all out, understand your metrics. How much does it cost to acquire a customer? What’s your average order value? Knowing your numbers helps you set realistic goals for your Black Friday campaigns and actually measure your ROI—because we all want to make money, not just noise, amirite?

And Remember, Keep It Simple Strategies! ????

Here’s the kicker, folks. It’s easy to spiral down the rabbit hole of endless marketing tactics. But, in honor of the ‘Keep It Simple Strategies,’ stick to a focused plan. You don’t need to execute every strategy in the book; just pick the ones that align most closely with your business goals.

So there you have it—the ultimate Black Friday playbook for service-based businesses, which, let’s be honest, is actually relevant to any business that wants to get a slice of the Black Friday revenue pie. Implement these tips and not only will your cash register ring, but you’ll also have the freedom to enjoy the holidays. Now, that’s what I call a win-win!

Ready to put these strategies to work but want to stay in the loop for more marketing wisdom? Now is the perfect time to reach out to Jamie, create a Black Friday plan, and turn your business into a sales-generating machine! ????

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